Jarrad wafting through the clouds

:: Wintery

There was a distinct Wintery feel about dawn this morning.  Even though we get so much sunshine in Winter here in Sydney, there’s nothing like dark clouds and a bitey, fresh wind to made it feel like Winter for reals.

Surfing?  There’s a little left over SE swell out there.  It started out a bit wobbly but by the time I left the water it was steely grey and as glassy as it gets.

I caught up with Jarrad Howse, co-founder of NCHE Surf this morning for a road-test of their line of suits.  Jarrad grew up surfing the frosty waters of South Oz, spent years on the WCT circuit as well as doing the Cold Water Tour events.  I’d say he knows a thing or two about a good wetsuit.  
Suit up, paddle out and hope a set wave picks you out of the pack.


Winter Feels
Benny Conducting
Light on the lip
Top Floor
Jarrad - South Oz transplant and Co-founder of NCHE. Knows a thing or two about performance wetsuits!
Axel tunneling
Norfolk Stripes
Ian and a neat left taper
Winter Sea
Annoucement - Winter is coming!