Winter Swim

:: Winter

Winter has arrived right on time, I don’t think anyone was in doubt of that on rolling out the door.  This morning had all our favourite traits of Winter proudly on display; Cold Sou-Westerly winds, clear crisp air and a fresh pulse of South Swell energy marching in. Sure it’s cold, but the virtues of winter are numerous don’t you think?

The Bold & Beautiful were out in full force for the first swim of the season.  It’s not that the water is all that cold but the walk from towel to sea is a brisk one and the reverse is even faster!

While Cabbage Tree Bay was flat, the South Swell was steaming in further up the beach. It’s surprising just how well the banks are handling the South Swell right now!  I was expecting closeouts but there were peaks in all the right places. How’s that!?!

It’s nice to be back behind the lens and posting the daily again. Hopefully you’ve missed it!  If you’ve been following on Instagram you’d have seen I’ve been surfing and shooting and working on some projects and ideas, both personal and for Sprout Daily.  You’ll see the changes rolled out over the next month or so so please stay tuned, tell your friends and get back onboard.  But for now it’s back to business!

Catch you out there!


The Bold March 
"And.... Go!"
Puffed for Winter
Sprint To Your Towel! It's cold on the sand!
South Swell Peak
Phil - Happy Place
See Ya!