Frosty Sky

:: Trade

Traded the soft cold white stuff for the chilly gritty sand this morning. It’s only a touch warmer on the beach than it was in Thredbo yesterday – that cold Sou-Wester is chilly! Before I tell you about the waves this morning, let me say, if you’ve been thinking about a trip to the snow this year – now’s your time!

They’ve had 100cm of snow at the top of Thredbo since the middle of last week and there’s more snow on the mountain than I’ve ever seen. All-time conditions!

After a frantic two days in the mountains it’s nice to ease into a cool sea and iron out a few of the stiff bits – sore! ┬áThe swell’s up a touch from the South; it’s only small but it’s proper ground swell with 3ft sets. Fun to be had!


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