Too Quick - Even for the twiny!

:: Too Quick?

How’d you go out there this morning?  Get any good ones?

I stood on the beach for well over an hour; checking the angles, changing elevation, scoping banks, rips, the inside.  No matter which way I looked, everything looked straight. Either it was a straight up close-out or it was one of those waves that lures you in and outruns you no matter how hard your dropped the pedal.

Maybe it was different from the water? Maybe it’s just me – I don’t know.  Surfing’s like that sometimes.

It’s a cracker of a day out there!  Sunshine, plenty of swell and a light offshore.  Makes for good surfing, on paper at least.

Let’s see what tomorrow’s got for us.


Queenie Corner Left - looks like its going to hold up!
The Catch Up!
Half a chance from here!
Ethan - Smaller one with face
George dealing with the closeouts
Freaky set out beyond
Inside ones had some shape
Off to a good start!