Surf Check - Not much good news there...

:: The Good News

The good news is it’s raining; well kind of.  It’s more of a heavy mist than a serious rain but it’s better than nothing. Your lawn and the tomatoes you just planted are loving it!

On the beach it’s looking a touch bleak. Grey, onshore, low-tide – get the picture? We might get a little sun this afternoon but for now it’s best to bask in the bleakness of it all.

Want more good news?

  • Stefan Hunt’s We’re All Going To Die Festival is well on the way to reaching it’s funding target.  Head over to Kickstarter to see what it’ all about.
  • Volcom’s Warehouse Sale is starting tomorrow! Best Killer Deals of the year
  • It’s been pumping in France and it’s set to pump again during the Quiksilver Pro which kicks off in Hossegor tomorrow!
  • Tomorrow the wind is going to swing offshore again! Yeeeew! Blow up that NE wind swell!



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