The Town of Taghazout - Doesn't get much closer to the ocean than right here.

:: Taghazout

It’s flatlined here in Morroco today but the sun’s come out and the small town of Taghazout is as good as place as anywhere to spend a flat day in the sunshine. Taghazout is about 45 minutes north of Agadir and it’s literally built right on the edge of the Atlantic. It’s a quick flight from the UK or Europe.

When the swell’s up there’s waves right out front from the villa’s and apartments in the top picture.  If you want to drive a little further then there’s a heaps of epic waves from easy roll-in’ to challenging world-class reefs and point breaks.  The guys from Surf Maroc have been here 10+ years and know all the spots.


Billy's say's "It's flat, go ride a camel!"
North Coast - Fertile Waves Hunting Grounds
Mustafa the camel. Best ride of the day!
Cafe Mouja - That's where I'm sitting right now.
Checker Board Days
Low Tide Pitch
Moroccan sunset as viewed from the Surf Maroc's Taghazout Villa