Grommets - Out Into The Colour

:: Spring Winds

Feels like Summer this morning. After sliding through +1m of snow in the winter wonderland of Thredbo at the beginning of the week, it’s pretty weird to walk out into t-shirt weather and a light Nor-Easter in Sydney.

I’m not sure I’m ready for Summer just yet.  Come on, can we have a few more weeks of Winter please? Never fear, the snow’s not over yet!

This morning’s highlight was the sunrise.  It was a beauty – one of those warm high-pressure sunrises where the clouds are thick random brushstrokes of pink and orange. Like the ones we get in Summer.  The surf was a bit summery too; weak NE wind swell and a light surface bump, neither good for long or shortboards.

There’s a couple of warm sunny days ahead for us the weekend and maybe even a bump in South swell on Sunday.

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Groomed Sky
Random Brushwork
Dawn Boost
Eric testing the rails
Into the Light
Jamie Krups - putting his broken ankle through its paces
Stripes above and below
The Surf Wheels