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Another stellar morning out there today.  The wind’s shifted to the Southern quadrant clearing the sky of the haze that’s been hanging about and knocking the temperature down a notch or two.

If you were up at dawn you’d have felt that tinge of winter on the skin. Fast forward to 9am, the sun is warm and on the burn!

There’s fun waves about again this morning.  It’s small, south and perfect for a wander back and forth on anything 9 foot plus or short and 20″+ wide.  If you’re stuck for a weapon for the small wave season ahead, pop down and see what’s on offer at Aloha Manly while the “rare deals” continues.


Graham - Scooping
Tip Time
Blake setting the tail
Small Wave Machines
Pat - Crouched Cruise
Lawn Party
Blake - No Performance Anxiety
Shark Boat's Back!