Tickled Trim

:: Sneaky

Well, that was a surprise! Not sure what charts we were looking at, but yesterday afternoon a 3+ foot long-period East swell snuck in under the radar.  It went from zero to overhead between lunch and dusk and caught me well and truely off guard. Good news if you happened to be surfing.

This morning there’s still a little bit of yesterday afternoon’s pulse pushing in. Banks are in good form and the sun is shining – what more would you want from your Friday morning, it’s a bewdy!


Other there!
Friday Glide
The Lull's Between
Benny burning speed
Duck (Seagull)!
On The Hunt
Green Bowl
KP running the wide section
That's The Spot
Rod - Rare Left!
What! Where'd that come from!? - KP on a long travelled bomb
Today is Tony's annual surf in rubber - Might have peaked too early!