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:: Shrink

Not much fun walking out the door on a Monday morning only to be caught unprepared in the rain. On recent form, I really should have known better – been raining for days!

I spent most of my time tucked under the narrow roof of the North Steyne Surf Club waiting for the showers to pass. I thought about packing up and heading home, but these kind of mornings produce some special light and this morning lit up briefly between the showers.

We’ve had a little bump in swell overnight from the SSE and the¬†waves looked pretty fun with minimal Monday crowds. Must have something to do with the lack of light in the morning these days. The good news is Wednesday’s our shortest day so the shrinking mornings will be no more!

We’re in for the good run of East swell and light winds for the next few days, if only the days were longer!


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