:: Rulers

Feeling a little cool again this morning isn’t it, it was semi-warm until the wind blew up! The Spring Experience has been fleeting but we’re stepping back into the Winter zone. Sydney’s going to be fanned by some cool offshore winds for the next few days as a solid South swell steps up progressively into the weekend. We’re talking +8ft of South swell over the weekend – Been a few of those lately huh!

This morning there were hints of a building swell; flat for 15mins then a rogue 2 footer. Watch out! If you’re into ruler straight lines then Freshwater was paradise this morning. ┬áIt was one line from pool to cliff! Somewhere’s got to be working! Go find it!


Cloud Sitter
Closeouts - Perfect Softboard conditions
Step On In
Lip Hunter
Corner Runner
The Whomp
Mini Boggie - Half bodyboard, half hand plane
The Old Guy! - Happy Birthday Buddy!