Swell's up!

:: Raging

The waves are raging into Sydney today.  I knew we had a bit of swell on the way but what’s turned up this morning caught me by surprise.  It’s not the size, it’s the sheer volume of energy that’s pushing through! It’s a powerful swell with more sets than lulls!

The direction is dead south and the wind is howling from the Sou-West so your options are fairly limited.

It’d be easy to write-off this morning session as a closeout.  But, if you put in the time and pick your moment, every now and then something of interest pops up.   Pick a left with the right taper and you might lock yourself into something seriously hollow (Jordan in picture #2). Or select a right side of a peaky one and there’s a chance to rip one decent turn a-la George in picture #5. You’ve got to be out there to find them!

I’m off to Bali for a few days this afternoon.  Tune in for a post or two from the Island of the Gods.


Jordan - Lock In Contract
Offshore Taper
Offshore Taper
George refining his rail game
Dave - Dressed for the occasion
How's your duck-dive?
Dave O - Winning!
Bit On!
Straight or Speedy?