Goggle On!

:: Preview

It’s 11:30 and we’ve just tipped over 30 degrees on our way to 33 in Sydney today.  No problem’s getting out of bed at 5:30 when it’s 20 degrees outside, just got to remember the sunscreen!

We’ve got a warm Westerly blowing, the sun is shining and there are some fun clean little peaks drifting in from the East.  Today’s a little look ahead to the Summer month, looks inviting doesn’t it!

Tomorrow’s a swing back to Spring programming. Top of 18 and wind from the Sou-West.


Silk Rights
Pink on Pastel
Gas It!
"You Going Out?" - "Nah, might just chase the ball this morning"
Wedge Between
Saxon Racing
Castle Left
Ben Penny ripping a rail
Geometric Oddities
Grass Is Greener
Hello Summer