:: Out There

I couldn’t work it out this morning, it was a real mix of swells and lighting. We’ve got an underlining South swell punctuated by short period windswell skipping in from the Nor-East – closeouts, peaks, runners, rips, low-tide sandbanks and a full gamut of dark clouds and sunshine.

My early conclusion was that it was pretty average; bad, not worth it.  But, every now and then, up popped a silky smooth, clean runner, the kind of wave that might make your surf and set you up smiling for the day.  Got to be out there to find those gems.

Hope you found a few!


Light Catcher
Split Screen
Benny Leans Left (sometimes)
The Pelican Flight
Mark - Sunsmart
Next One
Prime Wall
Queensland ! (I mean Queenscliff)
Dylan - Smooth one
East Hill