Big Red Ball

:: Offshore Early

It was offshore this morning but you had to be on to it early.  The Northerly had kicked in by 7:30am and the clean conditions of first light were only a memory.

Mind you, if you missed it you didn’t miss that much.  Sure there was swell, but the hightide was throwing the banks all out of whack and there was a funny backwash running through the lineup.  There were some rare good ones but you really had to be in the zone to jag one.

It’s a gorgeous ‘blue bird’ day out there now.  The water’s warm and the sun is shining…  but we’ve got to work.
∆ Murray

Plenty of closeouts this morning
Rare Good One
Between Sets
Carving through the hightide section
Queensie Body Surf Crew
Blue Bird Day at Queenscliff