Oh no! It's kinda pumping...

:: Nor-East Nuggets

Yesterday’s onshore wind has whipped up a nuggety short period NE swell.  The waves were unruly at first light but the offshore wind has steadily ironed out the bumps and by the time I left the beach a hour ago its was 2-3ft and kind of on the pump!

Peaky? Yep! Clean? Si! Tubes? A couple! Surfing? I would!

These Nor-East wind swell’s come in a flurry and die out just as fast so you’d better be quick to take advantage!  It’ll all be a memory by this afternoon.

How cute are ducklings right?!  After seeing a family of ducks (mum, dad and nine kids) stranded mid-way down Carlton St this morning, some friends rounded them up and shepherded them down to Manly lagoon where they enthusiastically took to the water. Check out the Instagram story for too much cuteness.


Jamie Krups - Ankle Torque
Tristian flaring
Blanket Cover
Thomas hunting vision
Birds & Fish
Left Bank
Wind Up
Pito gone fishing
Duck Fam - These guys walked from Carlton St to Manly Lagoon (with shepherd!)