Don't Fall In!

:: NOAH !!

Shark in the pool! It’s one of those nightmare scenarios that runs through your mind when you slide in for a night time dip or a few laps before dawn. Yesterday afternoon a shark was circling the Shelly Beach Ocean Pool whilst the public looked on in wonder – not something you see everyday that’s for sure!

No nightmare this time though, the juvenile Great White Shark was rescued and contained in the rock pool while it recovered after mysteriously beaching at Shelly Beach. The shark is in the care of Manly Sea Life Sanctuary until it can be released – way out to sea let’s hope!

Still keen for a surf?

Well if you are there’s a couple of fun ones about this morning.  With all the talk of sharks you could think the crowds might be down. Ahhhh, no chance! It’s was business as usual.

31 degrees tomorrow.  See you in the water!


Shark In The Pool! Who's stalking who?
J Lowe - The Rare Early Bird
Pagey shuffling in the dark
Jewelled Glass
Pin Hole
Tiaan Amping
Sam shifting water
Mitch - Sun Salute
Saxon surfing through clouds
Jesse starting fires
Heath snaveling one from the grom pack