The Nephew

:: Nephew Time

I’m currently on Uncle duties up on the Gold Coast.  From what I gather, the uncle is kind of like being a dad with a fraction of the responsibility and zero discipline – sounds perfect to me!

We hit the beach before school this morning, had a explore through the dunes, breakfast on the beach and a swim of course.

I totally miscalculated how long things take with a six year old though. It’s not easy tying your shoelaces in reverse!  Sorry for the late kid Mr Chapman, my fault!

I had a hunt around for a little wave after the school drop off but didn’t find much.  The banks seem a bit weird up here at the moment. Lucky the Gold City Council have invested in their own tanker to make banks on demand.  Surfers Paradise, your banks will be ready in a week!

Catch you back home tomorrow.


Manhattan on the Sand
Coconut Cluster
Boys & Machines
Dunes - Still a few left up here!
Gold Coasters love a wander
The Bank Tanker - can we get one!
Fill 'er up!