Front Edge

:: Monday Feels

It’s Tuesday but there’s a real Monday feel to it out there today?

The sun was slow to rise, it’s cloudy and quite and there’s a lacklustre little Nor-East swell dribbling in.  Nothing to rev the engine of your week.  Still, at first light, there was the odd actual wave between bumps which were surprisingly surfable; with the right equipment of course.

This Friday there will be a special screening of As Worlds Divide at the North Steyne Surf Club.  If you missed the screening at Avalon Bowlo a few months ago, this is your chance.  The film is an in depth look at the Indigenous Culture of the Mentawai Islands and the challenges being faced.  If you’re surfer you’ll take a special interest but it’s relevant to anyone with an interest in indigenous peoples and cultures.

All proceeds from the screening goes towards the Cultural and Environmental Education Program - Tickets are available at Eventbrite or on the door (space permitting).


Silently Creeping
Jacko - Time on the tip
A Gentle Fold
GoPro Slider
One Wave Over
12ft Trim
Reverse Angle
Squared Off