Daylight Missing

:: Missing

We’re missing the daylight in the morning at the moment.  That extra hour in the morning did wonders to spread the crowd and take the edge off the urgency to surf as many waves as you can, get dry and commence the commute.

Sunrise was a 6:28am this morning. It’ll be the 28th of October before we see the sun rise before 6am – that’s not too far off really!

The waves were pretty mellow this morning; just a small Nor-East wind swell kept nice an tidy by a light offshore.  There’s not a heap of punch to it but it’s easily surfable regardless of what’s under your feet.

If you’ve been following the WSL Women’s World Tour you’ll know that Sally Fitzgibbons is on the cusp of a World Title.  Sally’s no stranger to Manly Beach with her business based here and later in the month her Foundation will be hosting the annual Celebration of Australian Women in Surf gala event at Novotel Manly Pacific and you can go!.  Get the info, tickets and tables here!


Dark Highline
6:38am - Emergence
Reg - Back on board!
Sunny Days
That's a long one!
Mini Cover
Heath sliding past
Golden Slide
Smooth Curves