Oh Spring!

:: Kick Start

Good morning and a happy Friday to you!

It was another salubrious morning out on the Tasman.  The sun was warm and bright, the sea-surface silky smooth and under the water is as clear as I’ve seen it in ages.  Is there a better way to kick-start your way into the weekend?

The Nor-East wind swell has lost a little power this morning.  It’s one maybe two foot on the sets; you’ll need foam and heaps of it!

If you’re wondering why the pictures are a little dark this morning it’s because I accidentally left a polarising filter on my lens after shooting yesterday afternoon. It’s like wearing sunglasses inside.

Yesterday. Should we talk about it? Wow, it really turned into a cracker of a Spring day! 28 degrees, a consistent NE swell and offshore wind until around 2 in the afternoon. – a special spring day! Tomorrow’s going to be showers and 20 so perhaps we’ll keep yesterday to ourselves.


Pool Angles
Stepping In
Propelled by Light
Tully Styling
Friday Cruise
Al - Light steps
Big blue on the green
High Noon Spring (yesterday)