Monday Morning Palette

:: Game On!

Morning!  If you you struggled to find a decent wave in all that South Swell over the weekend, I hope you’re still in the game this morning.

The swell’s eased, angled around to the East a touch and it’s perfectly groomed with a light offshore wind.  In short, it’s pretty good out there!

The tide was a little full at first light, but I suspect as the water drains off the banks, it’s going to get real fun! Take a long lunch and spoil yourself.

Willian St Studios are hosting another Parlour gig this Friday.  This time they’ll host Winterbourne for a relaxed intimate set.  Tickets are only $25 so get in fast!


Game On!
Stroke Into Your Week!
Beyond The Wall
Still In The Game
In The Spot
Jordan getting tunnelled
Waz searching for cover
Ethan - Acid Drop
Off The Seat
No Chance