Pale Pink Speckles

:: Easy

Today’s the the kind of day that gently eases you into your weekend.  It’s Friday! You’ve got time and space to breath in the sunshine; and there’s plenty of it.

The sunrise was as mellow as a peach with just a speckle of light clouds to add a little light pink to the pale blue open sky. Maybe we’ll reach 19 degrees, maybe not.

The swell’s switched over to a short period Nor-East wind swell.  There’s not a lot of push behind it but there’s a couple of friendly peaks for your Friday.  Up the length or volume and you’ll be trimming your way into the weekend.

We’re in for a couple of days of wind, sunshine and small waves, sounds pretty easy.
Catch you Monday!


Breathing Space
Benny In Trim
All Wrapped Up
Paul - Sorry mate, missed your tube!
Green Blue Blue