Beneath Grey

:: Early Mark

The first wave I saw this morning had me amping. What looked like a solid 4ft grinding left had me wrestling with my wetsuit and bolting to the sand as quick as I could in the half-light and cold.

Unfortunately, realty set with dawn and it became clear and what I was actually looking at was 2ft low-tide guillotine closeouts. The kind of closeout that lead you in thinking you’ve got half a chance but shut the gate before you’re even on your feet. You know the ones.

There’s so much sand on the banks right now. ┬áIt’s an easy walk out the back at low-tide, no need to put the swim-fins on or get your hair wet until you 50m off the sand.

Update: I just checked the cams right now, the tide is up and it’s looking way better now. Might be time for an early lunch.


Five Finger Stall
Straight Up &
Rasta Left
Apparently not being PM is good for your surfing - Tony Abbott
Double Decker
PM - Deep Contemplation
12 Foot skewer coming at ya!
Guillotine Dropping!