Crane Cover

:: Duck & Dodge

I played duck and dodge with the rain for the first half hour of daylight this morning before eventually conceding I was going to get wet and I may as well get in amongst it. Glad I did, there were some good waves out there this morning!

This wind’s offshore, the swell’s swung around to the East and the ocean is cleaning up nicely. Couple of runners; couple of tubes, they’re out there!

The long weekend is looking soggy in Sydney, rain’s on the cards everyday for the next week.  A decent East swell should keep your spirits up though, we’re in for a good run of East for the next 5 days or so.  Got to take the good with the bad.

Catch you next week.


George tuck behind the curtain
Christian Pimm - High and Dry
Flight of Fancy
Ryan Alegich - Solid backhand
Ethan setting up
Mick on the brakes
Overhead Right
Max - Flight to the Clubhouse
Dawn Cocoon
Out there!