Candy Shop - The Shop Next Door

:: Da End…

Yesterday, just before I started packing my bags I dropped into The Shop Next Door for the last time.  I grabbed a coffee, got stoked on some fresh foam that had just arrived (Shaun from Chica Bonita’s new Van Straalen fish looked epic!) grabbed some wax, legropes, sunscreen and of course had a big chat with Taylor.

If you’ve ever been in to The Shop Next Door you’ll know know Taylor loves a chat. He talks community, he talks surf, he’ll get you stoked and if you’re lucky he’ll even sell you a surfboard.  Taylor and The Shop Next Door has been my introduction to some of the finest surfboards in the world, opened my eyes to a whole new way of surfing and been a place to hang, meet new people. Thanks for everything Taylor, the opportunities you’ve given me are endless.

This weekend will be The Shop Next Door’s penultimate.  That means you’ve got 9 days left to score your dream board. No Vultures, just rare surfboards.

Oh, and Taylor has finally decided to do a t-shirt. What!! They haven’t been made yet but you can pre-order yours now – it’s a slice of history, a new classic and a badge of your appreciation to a local institution. Buy a T-Shirt now!

Bon Voyage – TSND


Da End...
Quick shot en route to the Airport
#46 - The Cafe Next Door. Next door to The Shop Next Door
Taylor in the Maldives last year. Wish you were coming this year mate!
Cokes - Friendly Perfection. Looking forward to a bit of this soon!