Clouded Over

:: Clouded Over

Morning!  You watching Bells right now?  I would have had today’s update out early but I got well and truely side-tracked by Heat 2 of Round 4 at Bells. If you haven’t seen that heat already click over right now and get your eyes full of some amazing surfing from Mick Fanning and John Florence… i won’t tell you how it ends!

Waves are pumping, Round 5 is Live – Click to watch

There was a heap of clouds hovering above in the beach this morning.  A perfect day to pull out the creative filters and mix up the exposure settings.  If you’re into the technical details, I used a pair of graduated ND filters this morning in varying position across are pair of Nikon lenses – 24-70mm & 70-200mm.

Out front, the waves have faded on yesterday a touch but again there’s plenty of leftover East swell.  Surfing ain’t a bad idea.


Line Up
Slow Shutter Left
Quiet Time
Northern Sky
Dark Overhead
'cuse The Head
First Peak Of Light