Slow Reveal

:: Clean Energy

Word on the beach this morning was that the weekend was pretty sizable in Sydney.  I seem to be making a habit of being out of town when these bomb South Swells impact; got to get in synch!!  If you missed the weekend’s action, a quick peruse of the social channels will get you up to date.  From the pic’s and chatter it sounds like the reefs off Sydney and the South Coast were XL and firing!

This morning its settled but there’s still plenty of clean energy pushing into Sydney. Manly’s straight in a South swell; add to that a dead low tide at dawn and we’re talking liquid guillotines.  But, every now and then something of a freak peak would shift through the line up offering a turn or two and a decent under the lip traveller. Rare!

I reckon it might be worth another look just about now…. see ya!


Rush On In!
Float 'n' Flare
The Freak Peak
Josh - The Simplest of Surfing
Four Legged
A delicate balance
Heath - Committed
Spring Curve
Axel contorting 
Ethan setting up
Full Body Stall
Light & Shadow