Sam Page hunting the rip bowl

:: Cheers

Love a long weekend! Even if it was raining two-thirds of the time, that extra day makes all the difference – yesterday was a stunner for winter! There were some fun waves about Sunday and Monday, hope you managed to slot yourself into a few! HB QEII and cheers for the day off!

The waves are down a touch this morning.  The swell’s fading but it’s still clean and tidy and if you like surfing by yourself, today’s your day!  The crowds were way down from yesterday’s peak headcount.

The Outerknown Fiji Pro is underway in Fiji.  The swell’s back on the rise over in Fiji and and the big names are dropping like flies – Owen, Mick, John John and Slater is under fire right now!  Distract yourself here


Mixed Light
Drop Knee
Golden Slice
Pagey - Backhand Butter
Vouch Highlights
Rip Bowl Right
Left Run
Lunar Flight