Matt C - Strolling

:: Bump’d

The swell’s bumped up overnight and sunrise peeled the lid on 3ft of fresh swell lines from the South. It’s one of those classic Sydney winter morning with sunshine, cold offshore, silky smooth conditions and beautiful soft winter light.  Yep, there’s plenty of closeouts but if you get that rare one, you’re styling!

The Outerknown Fiji Pro final is in the water with two Namotu based goofy footers, Matt Wilksinson vs Connor O’Leary.  Tune in

Tomorrow is Friday already! See you then!


Cali & Co. spying
Low Tide Walk
Benny - Sun Salute
Throat Clearer
George busting
Winter Sun Soak
Heath straight up
Olly eying
Solar Flare Right
Smiling Ten
There's Lefts