Beach Club Peak

:: Bali Time

Good morning. Ahem – sorry good afternoon!

Apologies.  I’m running on Bali time over here; add to that a little technical difficulties and this post is coming to you only 32 hours late – that’s not too bad huh! Just in time for your Thursday evening commute.

It’s the first time I’ve been to Canggu and I have to say I’m digging this place. The waves have been small but they’re super mellow and perfect for stroll on a log or getting a little jiggle on upon a lively twin fin – my kind of waves.   It’s not the long perfect lefts of the Bukit but it’s perfect for paddle before breakfast.  Oh, and the breakfast’s here are all-time! Eaten at three already and I think everyone I meet recommends another five!  There’s so many good restaurants here!

Ok, that’s enough bragging.  I heard the waves have been pumping in Sydney. Hmmm, seems like it pumps every time I leave town – just let me know when you want me to leave again!


Chiara - Longboard Stroll
Black Sand Boot Camp
Left Log Runners
Little bit of the Bondi Scene
Canggu Fun Time
Oh So Zen - (That's the world largest statue of Garuda under construction in the distance)
Morning Worship - Even the dogs are spiritual over here!
Too Early - You can party all night here too if that's your scene